Business Layout

Domestic nuclear power business:

With a focus on the construction of nuclear power engineering projects, CNPEC has developed a multi-project, multi-base construction structure. Drawing upon its experience in building Daya Bay NPP and Ling’ao NPP Phase I, CNPEC has completed the construction of and put into operation 20 units. And in Liaoning Hongyanhe NPP Phase I and Phase II, Guangdong Yangjiang NPP, Guangdong Taishan NPP, Guangxi Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Phase II, CNPEC has a total of 6 units under construction. Additionally, CNPEC is driving preparation for many more nuclear power projects to come.

Concentric Circles business:

With a market-oriented approach, CNPEC has been sparing no effort to drive the “Concentric Circles” strategy in developing its core non-nuclear businesses: in-service & nuclear technology, offshore wind power, domestic non-nuclear and international non-nuclear businesses. In doing so, CNPEC has focused its efforts on in-service & nuclear technical services, put emphasis on clean utilization of new energy like offshore wind power and energy storage and traditional petrochemical energy like coal and fuel gas, and gradually expanded to other fields including hydropower, sea water desalination, energy conservation, civilian nuclear technology application, etc.

International business:

Marked by South Africa Project Management Organization, South Africa Representative Office, and Thailand Representative Office, an internal organization & operation mode has been established for international projects. And a regional market development organization has been formed based on the study and research of target markets.

Supported by WECAN (Worldwide Engineering CGNPC AREVA Nuclear Co., Ltd), a business platform has been developed for cooperation with international peers in nuclear power sector.

Romania Project

UK Project