Core Competencies

1. AE Operation Mode

CNPEC is a leading NPP system integrator and nuclear power technology provider in China, capable of efficient resources allocation, competent project organization & management and continuous scientific & technological innovation.CNPEC has developed core businesses of nuclear power and conventional clean energy, and gradually expanded to other fields, such as nuclear power in-service and non-nuclear businesses.

2. Description of Core Capabilities

The expertise acquired by CNPEC through a multi-project NPP construction experience in recent years enable us to make independent design, and have effective control of the overall NPP construction.

CNPEC takes the lead building nuclear power engineering "ecosphere, cooperating with 87 core companies to jointly establish a NPP equipment research and development center with the purpose of sharing resources and accelerating the development of 5400 suppliers in China.

CNPEC makes great efforts to realize intensified and matrix project management and rationalize resource allocation, in order to realize full sharing and orderly flow of rare resource among projects. Meanwhile, CNPEC implement effective control over projects, so as to ensure the efficient management of multiple large projects construction.


China Nuclear Power Design Company is the first high-tech company in China engaged in nuclear power and thermal power design for nuclear island, conventional island, power plant auxiliary facilities and overall design for power plant.

As the planner and executer of “resource control and packaged supply”, the equipment procurement and supply department provides high-quality and standardized equipment procurement and supply service for the power plant construction, as well as procurement consultation, equipment manufacture supervision, spare parts supply and R&D technical support services. With proven supply channel and rich supply resources, we are building an industry chain for the localization of nuclear power project in China.

The construction department has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of NPP construction and installation, and we also have considerable professional expertise in construction technologies.

The commissioning & start-up department is the first specialized nuclear power commissioning service provider in China. Our extensive knowledge, considerable professional experience and expertise in NPP commission enable us to provide our clients with comprehensive commissioning service for nuclear power projects.

CNPEC is committed to continuously enhance technical innovation, and developing core competence for Going Global.