Company Profile

Nature of the company

China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd (CNPEC) is the first ever company specializing in nuclear power engineering management in China.

The scale of the company's assets

Incorporated in February 2004, CNPEC had, as of December 2018, a registered capital of RMB 1.286 billion and about 6000 employees.

Scope of business

Based on its core AE capabilities, CNPEC has built a business structure that focuses on nuclear power and conventional clean energy and has plans to gradually expand to other business areas including in-service & decommissioning services and non-nuclear engineering. CNPEC’s business scope mainly includes contracting, management, consultation and supervision of nuclear power, conventional electric power, heat, gas, port, highway, water conservancy, water supply & drainage, and civil building projects, technical services and consultation for engineering & construction, economic information consultation, tender agency for engineering & construction projects, import & export business, construction, purchase & sale of electric power equipment & materials, engineering design, etc.

Size of the construction of nuclear power projects

Since 2010, CNPEC has built and put into operation 20 units in succession, and is now undertaking the construction of 6 nuclear power units with a total installed capacity of 6.958 GW.