CNPEC Employees Actively Participate in 2020 Group “We Talk” Video Contest

CNPEC completed the video collection of the 2020 Group We Talk Video Contest on June 19, after which these videos will be voted online.

In order to promote the exchange and precipitation of professional English knowledge and experience in various fields and help the selection and cultivation of compound talents under the background of internationalization strategy, the Group has made an innovative attempt to integrate cultural values and enhance the internal driving force of learning, and has launched the "2020 Group English Skills Competition". The overall competition activities are rich and colorful, and are divided into three parts: “We Talk” Video Contest, Online Answering and English Skills Contest.

The We Talk Video Contest was launched in May. Departments employees actively participated in the shooting of We Talk video, and worked together across departments to write scripts, participate in plots, shoot, post-produce and create high-quality products.

CNPEC will also actively cooperate with the Group to complete the relevant work of the 2020 Group English Skills Competition and strive to achieve good results in the competition.