Concrete pouring finished for reactor building interior of Fangchenggang NPP Unit 3

The concrete pouring on the +11.6m level  interior construction of the reactor building was completed at Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Unit 3 on Dec 13, 2017 – a demonstration project of China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) which uses Hualong One (HPR1000) technology.

The pouring work was of the highest technology standard, most complicated technique and largest work amount, according to Zhu Zeliang, general manager of the Fangchenggang project department of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co.

The high standard of anti-seismic design of the reactor building required a significantly higher density for the reinforcing bars. The reinforcing bars, embedded parts, anchoring parts and penetrating pieces intertwine with each other, making the installation more difficult. Furthermore, the engineering quantity of stainless steel cladding is multiplied compared with similar projects.

Despite all the challenges and difficulties, CGN accomplished the concrete pouring for the interior construction between -5.24m and +11.6m in eight and a half months, 11 days earlier than scheduled. The success was attributed to a closely-coordinated team at CGN, which has made substantial contributions to the project.

Apart from optimized resource allocation, enhanced safety and quality, the detailed construction plan was used to monitor the construction process hour by hour. Meanwhile, it adopted new management methods such as Configuration Control Phase (CCP) and Project Risk Advance Notice (PRAN). The prior analysis, identification and risk early-warning also helped improve the efficiency and quality of the construction.

After the concrete pouring, the team will shift its focus onto reactor dome hoisting, with the preparation work in full swing.