Ningde NPP Unit 4 Successfully Completed 168-hour Demonstration Operation

On July 21, at 0:05 a.m., the main control room of Ningde NPP Unit 4 burst into prolonged and enthusiastic applause and cheering. At this moment, Ningde NPP Unit 4 successfully completed the test of 168-hour demonstration operation, which means it was qualified for commercial operation. So far, all 4 units of Ningde Nuclear Power Plant Phase I Project have been put into operation.

From the construction of Unit 1 on February 18, 2008 to the commercial operation of Unit 4, it has taken eight years for Ningde Nuclear Power Plant Phase I Project to be fully completed. Ningde Nuclear Power Plant Phase I Project makes 16 significant technological improvements like “18-months fuel cycle” and “design improvement of site emergency diesel generator units”. The self-reliant full scope simulator firstly used by the project reaches the international advanced level, and the automatic welding of main pipe breaks the technology blockade of foreign countries. Besides, the comprehensive localization rate of the project reaches 80%, which significantly improves the overall self-reliance capability of China’s nuclear power industry chain.