Preparation for UK’s Generic Design Assessment on HPR1000 Was Finished

On July 5 to 8, the last technical seminar of preparation (Pre-GDA) for UK’s Generic Design Assessment (GDA) on HPR1000 held by China Nuclear Power Design Company was closed successfully, which means the preparation work in Pre-GDA stage was finished completely.

The GDA (BRB) preliminary project department, relevant departments of China Nuclear Power Design Company, as well as the partner of GDA project - Electricite de France (EDF) - participated in this seminar.

The main task of Pre-GDA stage was to identify the risk items in HPR1000 GDA project and analyze the coping strategies based on UK’s nuclear regulatory policies. From December 2015 till now, the partners of GDA project – CGN and EDF - carried out several technical seminars on such task and effectively anticipated and controlled the risks in HPR1000 GDA project. For both parties, this technical seminar aimed to reach an agreement on coping strategies for the risk items in HPR1000 GDA project, so that these risks can be avoided according to the established strategies in the future.

On the 4-day seminar, technical areas related to HPR1000 GDA, including project management, design criteria, accident analysis, internal and external disasters, probabilistic safety analysis, thermal hydraulic, structural integrity, radiation protection, decommissioning, instrument & control, spent fuel, human factor, civil, etc., were discussed, clarified and communicated. In the end, both parties reached an agreement on coping strategies for the risks in the HPR1000 GDA project and decided the follow-up actions. The success of this seminar marks the completion of the preparation work of the Pre-GDA stage.