Fangchenggang NPP Phase II project progresses

The first reactor coolant pump (main feedwater pump) shell of the Fangchegngang Nulcear Power Plant Phase II passed a hydro test on June 19.

The successful outcome lays a solid foundation for the delivery of the pump and ensures the follow-up construction and installation work is carried out on schedule.

The hydro test is quite complicated and technically difficult. It involves deformation measurement, strain measurement as well as examinations of strength, stiffness and machining accuracy.

The main feedwater pump is an important part of the primary loop of pressurized water reactors and the only active equipment within the reactor coolant pressure boundary.

It is also a key facility in CGN’s Hualong One (HPR1000) reactor design and critical to the safety of the whole nuclear power station.

The pump can provide forced primary coolant flow to continuously remove and transfer the amount of heat generated in the reactor core to the steam generator.

The casting pump shell is a key part of the coolant pump in Fangchegngang NPP, a demonstration project of the Hualong One technology in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.